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We have a few puppies still available from our most recent litter!

Give us a call today 484-264-7360

Puppies Raised On Love 


      We consider our Goldens as part of the family. Each litter is born and raised with our family. Our puppies grow up from day one with our children. Both of our girls adore puppies. One of their first words was "puppy." Love, touch, and affection is important for a puppies development. Our pups run and around, play, and get tons of great exercise outdoors.





We are not a puppy mill and all of our dogs are responsibly bred and raised with our family. Quality raised on love.


       Eden Golden Retrievers is passionate about producing high quality, healthy puppies that will bring families joy for years to come. Endeavoring to produce the best, our dogs are AKC registered. Our dogs are from excellent bloodlines, including champion Russian and Ukrainian lines. Our dogs are genetically tested and bred to prevent diseases and problems commonly found in Goldens, like hip dysplasia. Our dogs hips and elbows are OFA certified. They are health guaranteed




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